I have installed Ubuntu-18.04 on my Windows 10 (Build 19041 which meets the requirements for WSL2) and am trying to convert this distro into WSL2. I have been following this guide.

To do so, I run the following command in Windows PowerShell:

wsl --set-version Ubuntu-18.04 2

But I get the following error after a few minutes:

This operation returned because the timeout period expired.

I have tried different networks (fearing it was a firewall issue) but to no avail. Any idea how to fix this?


Make sure you have the linux kernel update package installed. Then, run wsl --set-default-version 2 to set the default WSL version to WSL2.

  • I did that. I still get the same error. However, after running wsl --set-default-version 1, I am able to install Ubuntu 18.04. Something to do with WSL2. – Parth Shah Nov 25 '20 at 17:07

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