I'm creating an application on Android using C++ Builder, and I need to print out (not display on screen) a Bitmap already created. To print out, I'm using "Classic Bluetooth Basic App" that Embarcadero offers. To convert I'm using this code:

#include "System.NetEncoding.hpp"

TMemoryStream *ms;
TStringStream *ss;
String s;
UnicodeString result;

ms = new TMemoryStream();
ss = new TStringStream();
ms->Position = 0;
EncodeStream(ms, ss);
s = ss->DataString;
result = s;
return result;

It returns to me the base64 string, so I could pass it in print out function, but it will print the whole string, and I need the bitmap (the image in itself).

How can I do it?


The code that I'm using to interact with the printer:

  TBytes ToSend;
  if((FSocket == NULL) || (ItemIndex != ComboBoxPaired->ItemIndex)) {
      if(ComboBoxPaired->ItemIndex > -1) {
          TBluetoothDevice * LDevice = FPairedDevices->Items[ComboBoxPaired->ItemIndex];
          FSocket = LDevice->CreateClientSocket(StringToGUID(ServiceGUI), false);
          if(FSocket != NULL) {
              ItemIndex = ComboBoxPaired->ItemIndex;
              //func is AnsiString and passed as a parameter in this function
              ToSend = TEncoding::UTF8->GetBytes(func);

              delete FSocket;
              FSocket = NULL;
          else {
              ShowMessage("Error 1");
      else {
              ShowMessage("Error 2");
      else {
          ShowMessage("Error 4");


I tried to use TEncoding to encode the bitmap and pass to ToSend, but I couldn't found and doesn't make sense because it will print the String (same case as base64).

  • what do you mean by print out (not display on screen) ? you have a printer and want to print the result on paper? if the case in VCL there is TPrinter class which has its own Canvas you can (stretch) draw your bitmap on it ... if not clarify what you mean... If you mean pass image by base64 then you need to decode it on the other end (where you receive it) – Spektre Nov 25 '20 at 8:22
  • Yes, I want to print in a thermal printer. I'm not using VCL, I'm using FMX (I put on tags of the question). I included FMX.Printer to use, but no success. I'm using bitmaps and Scanline to move the info of my bitmap to a TBitmapSurface (questions of size of bitmap), and when I put printer->Begindoc() (printer is an instance of FMX TPrinter) and printer->EndDoc() it gaves me Segmentation Fault. Googled a lot and no answer for it. No documentation too. – Que44 Nov 25 '20 at 13:07
  • For base64 I said that I "converted" my image to a base64 String, thinking about pass it to the print function, to it "magically" convert to image again. But doesn't matter base64, it was just a case to help if I could follow some idea of this converting. My point is: Get the bitmap and print in a thermal printer. – Que44 Nov 25 '20 at 13:11
  • 1
    Why are you converting a TBitmap to a base64 string to pass it to a printer? That makes no sense at all. What kind of input does the printer API actually expect? Please edit your question to include the code you are using to interact with the printer – Remy Lebeau Nov 25 '20 at 15:26
  • I tried to pass it because was the only way that I thank, that's because TPrinter only works for Windows and MacOS. Also, if I encode anything using TEncoding, in the end will be in Bytes or String (like base64). I couldn't found a class or something that I could pass bitmaps directly to the printer, I want to edit this function to pass bitmaps directly, but due to conversions I can't. I edited my question with the interaction of my printer, it's working and prints String texts. Thank you so far. – Que44 Nov 25 '20 at 15:49

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