I have an Android device that comes with a built-in printer which uses android.net.localsocket (as I have noticed from examples provided in Java).

I also have an application in Delphi for Android, where I would like to integrate this printer. However, I cannot find any information on how to use LocalSocket connection in Delphi - is it even possible?

As far as I understand (and please keep in mind I'm a newbie if it comes to networking) LocalSocket is a way for applications to interop and is not directly (although it is similar) relevant to the general "internet" sockets.

I tried using Indy, but it requires me to provide a port for the connection, and the example I have does not contain any port. Also this doesn't seem to be the same "sockets", as I mentioned earlier.

Little disclaimer: I'm not looking for code solution, I'm asking for libraries/components that can help me achieve the connection - I will workout the specifics, or ask another more detailed question.

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