I have the following C files in windows XP. optBladWriter.c optWriteNlpEmpsFile.c I would like to generate DLL for this code. I used the command add_library . My make file has the following :

add_library (optFmg optBladWriter.c optWriteNlpEmpsFile.c) 

after running CMake using command prompt Project.sln is created. I imported it to the visual studio and built it. I got the optFmg.lib file. But I want the optFmg.dll file.

Can u help me in generating the dll file using cmake in the above case. Is there any particular command similar to add_library.



As documented, the default type of library is determined by the BUILD_SHARED_LIBS variable. You can explicitly request a shared library with:

add_library(yourlib SHARED file.c ...)
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    +1 for adding a link to the list of command for CMake. It's a great resource, because they're all on one HTML page and you can just search the web-page for what your looking for. :-) – MikeyE Sep 21 '16 at 22:46

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