@commands.has_role('Sanitation Engineers')
async def testv(ctx):    
    global rVoiceList
    global bVoiceList
    print("Beginning of Voice Sorting")
    # channel now holds the channel you want to move people into
    mainchannel = client.get_channel(716406988678103122) #gets the channel you want to get the list from

    members = mainchannel.members #finds members connected to the channel
    for member in members:
        if(member.id in bVoiceList):
                print(str(member) + "to blue")
                #channel = client.get_channel(712749834603593748)
                #bmember = ctx.guild.get_member(member.id)
                #await bmember.move_to(channel)
        if(member.id in rVoiceList):
                print(str(member) + "to red")
                #channel2 = client.get_channel(712749911996891137)
                #rmember = ctx.guild.get_member(member.id)
                #await rmember.move_to(channel2)

So i run a pickup game bot within discord and am trying to implement a way to move people to the appropriate team voice channel. problem here is that its not looping through all members in the "waiting for game to fill" channel and separating them. If I do not include the checks for bvoicelist and rvoicelist it will loop through them all but will not do so with those checks in there for some reason? any help is appreciated. I have to do it this way because if I just take all the IDs of players that added.. if a player is afk, it will give me an error that it can find a player in a voice channel. SO to rectify that, I am checking all the people that are currently in the voice channel and comparing it against a Blue Voice List and a Red Voice List. It is able to successfully grab some and sort them, but it falls short.. for example if 8 people are in the lobby, itll sort about 3 of them. If i get rid of the sorting logic.. itll grab all 8

Any help is appreciated :)

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