Each time I upload a new release, in the Google play console I get this warning that says "You need to add physical address in account details" , I do not understand where I should add this physical address.

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Can someone tell me where I should add this address in order to get rid of this warning?

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You should look here, Console/Settings/Developer Account/Account Details



Warning Page

From the page above you should click "All apps menu"

Then you can see "Settings Menu" under settings, click developer account and then under developer account you will see Developer Page



Looks like they changed it again. It's now directly under Developer Page in the console. I guess I'm not the only one that looked under "Account details" since there's an address field there and the warning message explicitly mentions account details.

Why they can't just link it directly from the warning message beats me. Maybe we don't have the technology for it yet🤔

enter image description here

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