Each time I upload a new release, in the Google play console I get this warning that says "You need to add physical address in account details" , I do not understand where I should add this physical address.

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Can someone tell me where I should add this address in order to get rid of this warning?

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You should look here, Console/Settings/Developer Account/Account Details



currently it's in Google Play Console -> Developer Page

screenshot from @andersson

enter image description here

Update: April 2024

Neither of the sections described in this answer exists any longer in Google Play Console.

This answer is invalid for current console.

  • Since this is marked as correct, it would be great to have a link to an answer for 2024 - as it remains, this does seem simply like a long-standing bug in the console or google's back end as there's no way to remove the warning and no where to put a physical address.
    – Eric Bloch
    Commented May 29 at 14:50

Warning Page

From the page above you should click "All apps menu"

Then you can see "Settings Menu" under settings, click developer account and then under developer account you will see Developer Page


EDIT: April 2024

This information is no longer correct. Google Play Console has changed, and the referenced sections of the console are not here any more (moved and reorganized).

The only relevant, current info I can find anywhere is this:



Looks like they changed it again. It's now directly under Developer Page in the console. I guess I'm not the only one that looked under "Account details" since there's an address field there and the warning message explicitly mentions account details.

Why they can't just link it directly from the warning message beats me. Maybe we don't have the technology for it yet🤔

enter image description here

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    I do not see Developer Page as an option. Based on research, this only appears after publishing a release. Thus, if this is the correct place to enter it then you can't fix the warning until after publishing, which is crap since it's an error about trying to publish... Commented Apr 30 at 20:06

I've been solving this riddle today (Jun 2024) and both address sections are now at the top level in the top-level menu (Account Details and Developer page):

Play console menu items for address

For completeness my account was registered around 2015 but I've checked my other account, registered in 2023 and it shows these options in the same place.


It has changed a bit. Plus even though I have a physical address inserted, I still get the error.enter image description here

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    This is a place to enter an address, but it is not the place to enter an address to fix the error. I have a full address entered here, and still get the error. This is not a solution. Commented Apr 30 at 20:03
  • Hi Bill. Sorry to hear that. Can you give upload some screenshots Features are constantly changing at Google lately. Even I am getting frustrated with Google. I'm looking at alternatives to google, I haven't used any of them yet, but I do intend to. Alternatives include: Amazon App Store, Aptoide and many others, just google alternative to google. I am just as frustrated with google as you are. Commented May 2 at 2:27
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    Jame - not saying the screenshots are wrong. Saying “I have an address here, and so this is not the source of the error for me.” I have been unable to eliminate the error, and have found a thread elsewhere indicating this might be a problem with google’s backend (the existence of the error). Commented May 3 at 17:36

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