I am trying to display LaTex. I want to create a python project with Tkinter where the user enters an equation and receives a solution. For this I'm trying to learn how to use LaTex.

I copied this code from another question on StackOverflow:

import sympy as sp
import tkinter as tk
from io import StringIO, BytesIO
from PIL import Image, ImageTk

x,y = sp.symbols('x,y')
expr = sp.sin(sp.sqrt(x**2 + 20)) + y

f = BytesIO()
sp.preview(expr, viewer='BytesIO', outputbuffer=f)
root = tk.Tk()
img = Image.open(f)
pimg = ImageTk.PhotoImage(img)
lbl = tk.Label(image=pimg)

I downloaded MikTex, but I still receive this error -

RuntimeError: latex program is not installed

I run my code with pycharm. How can I fix this? any ideas ?

  • Can you post the full error message so we can see which line of code is raising the error – scotty3785 Nov 26 '20 at 9:32

It seems likely that sympy cannot find the latex executable, this can be confirmed by running

from sympy.utilities.misc import find_executable

If this returns false, the latex isn't on the system path for use by sympy.

You need to add the directory containing latex to the system's path, as this is OS specific, you'll need to let us know which OS you are using. On Windows you would edit the PATH Environment Variable and append the folder name to the end of the current entry (using semi-colons as a separator)

  • I am using Windows 10. When I run the code you wrote in pycharm it returns None. However, when I run in CMD I get 'C:\\Users\\Menora\\AppData\\Local\\Programs\\MiKTeX\\miktex\\bin\\x64\\latex.exe' Also, I have C:\Users\Menora\AppData\Local\Programs\MiKTeX\miktex\bin\x64\; in my PATH. – Phil Nov 26 '20 at 19:52
  • @Phil Sorry I can't help any further. I've been through the sympy docs and it is lacking in information about supported latex converters. Even a search of the source code didn't result in finding anything interesting. – scotty3785 Nov 27 '20 at 10:32
  • Thank you very much, I appreciate it a lot. Right now I'm lost... Is it possible that I somehow downloaded LaTex wrong? If not, is there another way for me to create a project where the user enters an equation and receives a solution, where the math is displayed in a way that's comfortable to read? – Phil Nov 27 '20 at 10:46
  • Does the code I posted work for anyone in Pycharm? It works for me when I run it in CMD, but not in Pycharm! – Phil Nov 27 '20 at 11:16
  • @Phil, If you run import sys; print(sys.path) from Pycharm, does it show the directory where latex is installed? Wondering whether Pycharm does something weird to the path. – scotty3785 Nov 27 '20 at 11:27

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