In Notepad++ UDL, How can I have both of these delimiters?

[[  ]]


[[  ]]:

In this syntax (for Squiffy) the double brackets with a colon represents a section, whereas the double brackets without the colon represents a link to a section.

I'm trying to get them to colour separately, but when I add both delimiters in the UDL window, the one without the colon always seems to take precedence and I can't get different colours for each one.

Actually, what happens, is that the : doesn't matter. If I use the second designation with the : it hightlights them all no matter if the text has the : or not.


Well, never could get them to have separate colours.

I ended up with this, which would colourize both [ ] and [[ ]]

Open:  (( [[ [ ))
Close:  (( ]] ] ))

It didn't seem to matter if I used : in the closing delimiter or not. I don't think the parser looks at that character combination.

Here is my thread in the np++ forum.

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