I have the following line of code in a JSP File in my web app that is giving an error:

<jsp:setProperty name="db" property="userName" value="<%=request.getParameter("userName")%>"/>

The error message that I get is:

org.apache.jasper.JasperException: /loginbean.jsp(6,59) Attribute value request.getParameter("userName") is quoted with " which must be escaped when used within the value

What I read on some sites is that characters like ' (single quote) or " (double quote) need to be prefixed with an escape sequence \ (backslash) if they are to be used.

However, when I try and prefix the double quotes (around the word userName) with backslash, I immediately get the following error- "Illegal Character \92- Unclosed String Literal"

How do I resolve this problem?


You should use single quotes on the value parameter, ie:


or set the org.apache.jasper.compiler.Parser.STRICT_QUOTE_ESCAPING parameter to false as described here:


  • I tried with single quotes- I am getting the following error now- org.apache.jasper.JasperException: org.apache.jasper.JasperException: Can't find a method to write property 'userName' of type 'java.lang.String' in a bean of type 'logbean.LoginBean' – Arvind Jun 28 '11 at 8:21
  • Set also stackoverflow.com/questions/9878326/… on how to set this for jasper ant task – Vadzim Dec 6 '16 at 22:38

If you are using Tomcat 8.5+, the property org.apache.jasper.compiler.Parser.STRICT_QUOTE_ESCAPING=false will not be acknowledged.

I was able to set the property successfully in {TOMCAT_ROOT}/conf/web.xml by adding the following within the <servlet> block:

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    By default, there are two servlet elements in web.xml. You need to place the above init-param element in the <servlet-name>jsp</servlet-name> – Michał Maciej Gałuszka Apr 4 '17 at 11:04

If you don't want to modify your JSPs, just set:


in your {TOMCAT_ROOT}/conf/catalina.properties file. Works like a charm!

Kudos from here.


This can be fixed with a IDE Regexp Replace:


For the replacement text, enter:


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    +1 Pretty impressive. Not readable or anything, but impressive. – Ron Romero Dec 26 '11 at 23:28
  • instead of replacing with single quotes, I want to replace with escaping the inner double-quotes. what should be my regex and replacement text here. – thiru_k Oct 4 '13 at 9:39
  • I have gained a lot of time ! It what i was looking for ! – amdev Dec 20 '16 at 10:14

The example looks like a XSS example! This is a security vulnerability. I suggest to put in place a html encoding library like c:out tag or http://owasp-esapi-java.googlecode.com/svn/trunk_doc/latest/org/owasp/esapi/Encoder.html#encodeForHTMLAttribute%28java.lang.String%29

I also suggest to take the userName from an authenticated session and not form the request param if possible (unless this is a login/registration form only!)


if you use a " as scriplet delimeter, you can't use the some as a property delimiter in getParameter. So change the delimeter of scriptlet by '.As it tag parameter, I think there 'll be no problem. Otherwise replace :


by :



I case Jasper JSP validation phase is used during project build.

Since Tomcat 8 there is a new attribute strictQuoteEscaping for Ant task and a switch -no-strictQuoteEscaping for running org.apache.jasper.JspC from command line.

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