I've created an Android app but a blind user wants to use it and has asked for it to support Talkback.



You could use AndroidTTS, Text to Speech.

All the details including the libraries used are here: Using Delphi, I'm trying to change the volume of the AndroidTTS, but I seem to keep getting the error "External exeception 1"

Even though I'm using Delphi 10.4.1, it should work fine for your version.

I would put my current working source codes here, but just found out they are too long for me to put them all here. Hopefully the article I supplied you will help you create your own working AndroidTTS package so you can supply a Text to Speech for your blind user.

I'll give my friend a copy of my working source code and see if he can put it up on his github. I'll later update this answer with the source code information. It's a holiday, and I doubt my friend will be updating his github today.

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