I'm searching for using Android JNI on C++ Builder, and I saw this code:

   private void doPhotoPrint() {
       PrintHelper photoPrinter = new PrintHelper(getActivity());
       Bitmap bitmap = BitmapFactory.decodeResource(getResources(),
       photoPrinter.printBitmap("droids.jpg - test print", bitmap);

That's a Java code to print (in a thermal printer) a bitmap and I need to use it in C++ Builder, but I don't have idea how to convert it. I saw doing other things by intents or even JNI. I don't want recommendations or something, neither a done code (saying this to avoid judgments that my question is for recommendations), but I want something like this code to help create a function.

PS: I didn't found any documentation about Android JNI.


It would look something like this:

_di_JPrintHelper photoPrinter = TJPrintHelper::JavaClass->init(TAndroidHelper::Activity);
_di_JBitmap bitmap = TJBitmapFactory::JavaClass->decodeResource(TAndroidHelper::Context->getResources(), /*R.drawable.droids*/...);
photoPrinter->printBitmap(StringToJString("droids.jpg - test print"), bitmap);

I don’t know if Embarcadero has already imported the TJPrintHelper and TJBitmapFactory classes (do a grep of Embarcadero’s Androidapi... header files). If not, you can simply use Java2OP to import them manually.

I don’t know how to translate R.drawable.droids to Embarcadero’s JNI framework. decodeResource() wants the integer resource ID of the droids image. You will have to track that one down yourself.

  • I saw on Embarcadero's Androidapi header files and TJPrintHelper is not there. When you say "use Java2OP to import them manually", where can I get TJPrintHelper to do it? – Que44 Nov 27 '20 at 18:28
  • @Que44 I have never used Java2OP myself, but it should be simple enough to just tell it to import the androidx.print.PrintHelper class and it will generate the TJPrintHelper class for you. – Remy Lebeau Nov 27 '20 at 18:36

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