I have

phan --version
Phan 3.2.0
php-ast version 1.0.11dev
PHP version used to run Phan: 7.3.23

And .phan/config.php:


    'directory_list' => [

    "exclude_analysis_directory_list" => [
    'exclude_file_regex' => '@^src/@'

I want fully exclude (from parsing and analysis) src and several other my project's root subdirectories. (Long story why src among them, but it is)

But phan -D with this config prints:

Going to parse 'src/Kernel.php' (3%)
Going to parse 'src/Migrations/2019/07/Version20190714141053.php' (3%)


If I change config like this:

'exclude_file_regex' => '@src/@'

Those files seems ignored (like I want), but another problem arises: /vendor/some-vendor/some-package/src/… files are getting ignored too which in turn leads to false positive errors from analysis itself.

Can I somehow ignore several root subdirectories? What should I do for this?

This @^src/@ regex is simplified version of @^(src|subdir1|subdir2)/@ with which I've started this.

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Answered at Phan gitter chat by @TysonAndre:

exclude_file_regex should be @(^(./)?src/)@ since it's probably checking against ./src/


See Phan cli help

Emit a newline-separated list of files Phan would parse to stdout. This is useful to verify that options such as exclude_file_regex are properly set up, or to run other checks on the files Phan would parse.

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