i need to send a PDF file to YouSign (to sign document), using JSON and REST Components (RESTClient, RESTRequest) My JSON must be like this :

    "name": "MonFichier.pdf",

I managed to read the PDF file, transform it into TStringstream BASE64 but I cannot include it in the JSON to put it in the body of the RESTRequest How can we do ? Thank you in advance for your ideas

  • Hey Marc, welcome to Stack Overflow! Could you attach the code that you already have? This would help other people to give you a tailored answer. – Nikolay Shebanov Nov 27 '20 at 15:59
  • Hello Nick I found the solution it was enough to create the TBase64Encoding with (0): with TBase64Encoding.Create (0) do Thank you – Marc C Nov 30 '20 at 7:40

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