I am trying to get extract the month from a DATETIME field in SQLite. month(dateField) does not work as well as strftime('%m', dateStart).

Any ideas?


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I don't understand, the response is in your question :

select strftime('%m', dateField) as Month ...
  • what if my format is MM/DD/YYYY instead of YYYY-MM-DD. that function does not work with the former format Feb 6 at 8:31
SELECT strftime('%m', datefield) FROM table 

If you are searching the month name, text month names does not seems to be supported by the core distribution of SQLite

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    this is not correct if datefield is a native datetime type. You need to use strftime('%m', datetime(datefield, 'unixepoch')) as mentioned in another answer.
    – Zig Mandel
    Jul 13, 2016 at 15:33

I'm guessing you want to get the month as a string. Not the most friendly looking but you probably see the point. Just replace date('now') with your variable.

select case strftime('%m', date('now')) when '01' then 'January' when '02' then 'Febuary' when '03' then 'March' when '04' then 'April' when '05' then 'May' when '06' then 'June' when '07' then 'July' when '08' then 'August' when '09' then 'September' when '10' then 'October' when '11' then 'November' when '12' then 'December' else '' end
as month 

Try using the following:

select strftime('%m', datetime(datefield, 'unixepoch')) as month from table
  • Use this if you store your datetime values as integer in the database.
    – U.Savas
    Apr 15, 2020 at 19:49

This is a solution without all the case when statements. Hopefully it's helpful.

select substr('JanFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDec', 1 + 3*strftime('%m', date('now')), -3)

I guess strftime('%m', dateStart) is not working for you because dateStart variable is date/datetime type.

Then you must use:

strftime('%m', date(dateStart))
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    Unfortunately, even this returns None
    – Gopinath S
    Jan 15, 2020 at 22:26

After all those years I think I figured out what was your problem. You probably store your dates as strings. This way when you search for data from let's say May you should write sql like this:

Select * from table where strftime('%m', datefield) = '05'

It's important to write '05' and not '5'. Using '5' will give you zero results.


Here is my solution that worked for me

MONTH_DICT={ "Jan" : '01', "Feb" : '02', "Mar" : '03', "Apr" : '04', "May" : '05', "Jun" : '06', "Jul" : '07', "Aug" : '08', "Sep" : '09', "Oct" : 10, "Nov" : 11, "Dec" : 12 }

self.cursor.execute("SELECT * FROM error_log WHERE strftime('%m',Date_column)=?",(MONTH_DICT[query_month],)) 

print('output:', self.cursor.fetchall())

SELECT strftime('%m',datetime_col) as "Month" FROM table_name;

just replace 'datetime_col' with your datetime column


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