Let's say I have 2 tables

People (id, name)
Dogs (id, name)

Can a view be created that contains all the dog names and all the people names so that for instance if I wanted to count how many entities are called Toby I'd have to query just the view?

Ideally it'd look something like

  1. John - where John came from the People table
  2. Toby - and Toby came from the dogs table

I'm using a PostgreSQL database but I'd be interested to know if any is able to do this.

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    CREATE VIEW w AS SELECT name FROM People UNION ALL SELECT name FROM dogs could be used – Lukasz Szozda Nov 28 '20 at 16:13

You could use the union all set operator to unify results from both tables:

CREATE VIEW all_names AS 
SELECT name FROM people
SELECT name FROM dogs

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