How can I write a Unicode text file in Delphi?

Currently I simply use AssignFile, RewriteFile, and Writeln, but this does not write Unicode characters.

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    Why are you using 1980 file I/O in modern versions of Delphi? Use TFileStream instead. It's existed for more than 2 decades now. You're using file I/O that is from Turbo Pascal 1. Even using a TStringList.SaveToFile would be better when dealing with text files. – Ken White Nov 28 '20 at 22:01
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    Or even better, use TStreamWriter instead. – Remy Lebeau Nov 28 '20 at 22:16

You shouldn't be using old Pascal I/O at all. That did its job back in the 80s but is very obsolete today.

This century, you can use the TStringList. This is very commonly used in Delphi. For instance, VCL controls use TStrings to access a memo's lines of text and a combo box's or list box's items.

var SL := TStringList.Create;
  SL.Add('∫cos(x)dx = sin(x) + C');
  SL.Add('¬(a ∧ b) ⇔ ¬a ∨ ¬b');
  SL.SaveToFile(FileName, TEncoding.UTF8);

Fore more advanced needs, you can use a TStreamWriter:

var SW := TStreamWriter.Create(FileName, False, TEncoding.UTF8);

And for very simple needs, there are the new TFile methods in IOUtils.pas:

var S := '⌬ is aromatic.';
TFile.WriteAllText(FileName, S, TEncoding.UTF8);         // string (possibly with linebreaks)

var Lines: TArray<string>;
Lines := ['☃ is cold.', '☼ is hot.'];
TFile.WriteAllLines(FileName, Lines, TEncoding.UTF8);    // string array

As you can see, all these modern options allow you to specify UTF8 as encoding. If you prefer to use some other encoding, like UTF16, that's fine too.

Just forget about AssignFile, Reset, Rewrite, Append, CloseFile etc.

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