I need to be able to put 0x56 into a variable, but for some reason I can only find things on converting Hex into integers etc.

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    Data types are not hexadecimal they store just numbers. For printing numbers usually uses the decimal format but in code you directly assign hexadecimal values by using e.g. $56 – Robert Nov 28 '20 at 23:04

Hex notation is just a way to represent a number. See Numerals. In Delphi you can assign hex values to a number by using the $ prefix. A text string can also be converted to a number using a 0x prefix. SysUtils.StrToInt

Se the example program below to get a grip of it:

program Project174;



  X: Integer;
  x := $56;               // Hex notation (base 16)
  WriteLn(x);             // Writes 86
  x := StrToInt('0x56');
  WriteLn(x);             // Writes 86
  x := StrToInt('$56');
  WriteLn(x);             // Writes 86
  X := 86;                // Decimal notation (base 10)
  WriteLn(X);             // Writes 86
  • If he want character ‘56’ or ‘0x56’ then you can prefix the ‘number’ with a #. Ex #56 or #$56 – R. Hoek Nov 29 '20 at 8:21

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