I am trying to install R 4.0.3 on a Raspberry Pi 4 running Ubuntu 20.10 64-bit. It is fully updated.

Before I did anything, I added the correct CRAN repository for this OS using sudo add-apt-repository 'deb https://cloud.r-project.org/bin/linux/ubuntu groovy-cran40/'.

When I run sudo apt install r-base, I get an error that r-base-core and r-recommendrf, both of which are specified to require version >= 4.0.3-1.2010.0, are "not going to be installed".

Checking them individually, it seems that r-base-core is the problem. If I try to install r-recommended by itself, I get an error that it needs "r-base-core (>= 4.0.3-1.2010.0) but 4.0.2-1build1 is to be installed".

If I check https://cloud.r-project.org/bin/linux/ubuntu/groovy-cran40/, I notice that r-base-core 4.0.3 is only available in an AMD64 variant, per the amd64 in the filenames. I observe that the r-base package's files do not have amd64 in their filenames. To me, that suggests that, currently, you're only running R 4.0.3 on Ubuntu 20.10 if you are on an Intel/AMD 64-bit platform. https://cloud.r-project.org/bin/linux/ubuntu/groovy-cran40/Packages seems to back that up.

Are there practical alternatives, other than to wait for an r-base-core 4.0.3 package to appear that is compatible with more platforms?


Found the answer. Most of the credit goes to Andrés Castro Socolich, who provided most of the solution.

This assumes a mostly vanilla Raspberry Pi 4 with Ubuntu 20.10 64-bit installed:

sudo apt update
sudo apt ugrade
sudo apt-get install -y g++ gfortran libreadline6-dev libx11-dev libxt-dev libpng-dev libjpeg-dev libcairo2-dev xvfb libbz2-dev libzstd-dev liblzma-dev libcurl4-openssl-dev texinfo texlive texlive-fonts-extra screen wget libpcre2-dev zlib1g-dev libbz2-dev liblzma-dev libpcre2-dev libcurl4-openssl-dev openjdk-11-jdk make
cd /usr/local/src
sudo wget https://cran.rstudio.com/src/base/R-4/R-4.0.3.tar.gz
sudo su
tar zxvf R-4.0.3.tar.gz
cd R-4.0.3
./configure --enable-R-shlib
make install
cd ..
rm -rf R-4.0.3*
  • I had to add apt-get install g++ in order for ./configure to succeed and move onto the next step – tyluRp Dec 6 '20 at 9:18
  • 1
    Thank you. I confirmed it is installed. I remotely remember installing it before this for another reason. – Aren Cambre Dec 6 '20 at 17:25
  • 2
    It was also missing make. Now both it and g++ are included in the apt-get install command. – Aren Cambre Dec 7 '20 at 21:55

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