How can you determine the file size of an image using the image crate in rust?

let img = image::open("imgs/2.jpg").unwrap();
let myBytes = &img.to_bytes();
//get the number of bytes?

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Let image crate deal with images, let standard library's fs module deal with the file system:

let imgSize = std::fs::metadata("imgs/2.jpg").unwrap().len();

Also look for other capabilities of std::fs::Metadata struct


As of March 2023 you can consider to use also the std::path::PathBuf class.

Here is an example on how you can read the file size in bytes:

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>> use std::path::PathBuf;
>> let path = PathBuf::from("root/images/mountain-landscape.jpg");
>> let len = path.metadata().unwrap().len();
>> println!("File length: {len}");
File length: 421631

or in one line:

>> std::path::PathBuf::from("root/images/mountain-landscape.jpg").metadata().unwrap().len()

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