I have a question about Wordpress blog. I have posts and pages with different content. On one day, the instead of any page in my blog I see the message "Author Settings Not Found". But posts are displayed normally.

In other words, posts and categories work perfectly but pages are affected by this technical issue.

I tried to search solution of this problem but it's unclear: I can see just webpages with the same problems but not an advice how to fix it. I'll be much appreciated for any help.


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I spent a couple of hours to find the issue. Since I see that over 400 websites in the Internet, which are built on Wordpress, have the same notifications, I will share my own experience how to fix this problem. Perhaps, it will be useful for someone.

In my case, I re-installed Wordpress, deactivated plugins related to pages and page management but nothing helped.

Then I deactivated the plugin "About Author" (in my case it was "Version 1.4.7 | By Weblizar") and the pages returned to their previous place.

I don't have the problem anymore. Pages are displayed.

Hence, if you have "Author Settings Not Found" - deactivate this plugin, because it overlaps the basic settings for author in Wordpress. Thanks!

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