I'm not sure if this type of problem was already asked. I couldn't find, so asking

I have a POJO

Class A {
    int id;
    Object data;
    //getter and setters

I set org.json.JSONObject type json into data

Option 1: When I set data to object directly, I get an error from ObjectMapper when doing


Error: InvalidDefinitionException: No serializer found for org.json.JSONObject

{ I assume the problem is between fasterxml and org.json }

Option 2: If I use toString on JSONObject before setting to an instance of A, I see escape character in the output. The output is unacceptable. Can't sacrifice JSON formatting and structure

Is there a way to leave already JSON structured element as-is, with less conversions?

  • I have seen that and discounted before - why Map etc. Now I changed Map<String,Object> data; + setter/getter and updated my message builder ; and using toMap() when setting payload data. Hope my code reviewers accept it. Is there a overhead of toMap()? – South star Nov 30 '20 at 12:34

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