I am updating the Firmware for the Google Glasses Enterprise 2 as stated on google's documentation.

I am getting the error while I am running this command on terminal fastboot flash boot boot.img It returns with an error as stated above fastboot: error: cannot get boot partition size . Well i tried two different versions of the System images as mentioned on Google's website. I tried to change it to fastboot flash boot_a boot.img but the same error.

I saw someone was having the same issue as well there but no solution. Do someone have idea how can we install the system image on it. I have skipped it and run other commands all goes well but the boot is not working which is why the it only shows me now recovery mode/fastboot.

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  1. run fastboot --help and read somehow carefully
  2. flash boot.img with fastboot flash:raw boot boot.img

This is problem with new Mac Mini. Because Apple is not using Intel CPU in new Mac mini M1. flash.android.com cannot update the firmware with browser on Apple M1.

I completed the task with windows pc and everything worked well. I believe this would help someone using M1 processors.

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