I have several wiki pages in a subproject B of my parent project A. Now I want to move them from B's wiki to A's wiki. How can I do this without copy-and-pasting all pages?

The guys at the Redmine forum suggest to edit the SQL database directly; there is also an open issue from other people with the same problem. I looked at my mysql dump, but I didn't get exactly the place where to change the corresponding ids. Is the right place in table 'wiki_contents' or in 'wiki_content_versions' or anywhere else?

(Redmine 1.2.0 is used)


Here's how you can move pages - I recommend making a backup before manipulating the db directly.

  1. In the table projects, find the id's of project A and B.
  2. In the table wikis, find the id's of the wikis corresponding to project A and B.
  3. In the table wiki_pages, find the pages you'd like to move and simply change the wiki_id

Watch out for:

  • Page hierarchy (parent_id): Not sure what happens if you move a page but you don't move its parent page. To be sure, you may want to set the value of parent_id to null and recreate the hierarchy once the page is moved.
  • User notifications: I'm not sure what happens if a user watches a page which is moved to a project where the user doesn't have access anymore. To be sure you may want to delete some entries in the watchers table.
  • Wiki redirects: When you rename a page, there is an option to redirect the old url to the new one. Those redirects are stored in wiki_redirects and may need to be moved to the new wiki, too.
  • Wiki links in the content won't work anymore if the page linked to has not been moved, too.
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  • Watchers who can't see the new page should be excluded from notifications. Deleting the watcher records would also work. – Eric Davis Jun 29 '11 at 21:21

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