The question regarding this post appeared while working on a University project I've been doing this semester. It may lack a bit information because it was too large to actually write the whole code, although I'll insert some parts of the code to make it clearer.

I've been implementing a tree search algorithm for an AI project, in which I had to do a solver for the game Sokoban. For that, I created a class called Node, which stored the following information:

class NODE {


        int previous_movement[4];       //Movement that lead to the current position
        Map current_map;                //Map of the node
        int node_cost;                  //Cost of the current node
        int available_movements[4];     // Available movements from the current position


        int g_n_cost;
        int nodeID;
        std::vector<int> previous_IDs;

where Map is another class I created which stored the location of the robot, boxes, objectives, ...

I haven't been able to actually complete the solver, and I think it is due to my lack of programming skills. Talking with some colleagues, some days before the deadline, I've been told that using the implementation of the class how I'm doing it, it is poor, and that I should have used pointers.

The way I stored which ones where the nodes to search next was with a vector of Nodes which stored which ones were plausible, and I also used a vector to store which vectors had already been checked. Whatsoever, I did something in which it checked if a new node had a map which was identical to other, and would delete it in that case. That caused the vector of next nodes to run out of values, and wasn't able to solve it.

I'll leave the github repository in case any one wants to check it and tell me if with this implementation it is really impossible to do it: https://github.com/PabloDavidAR/SokobanSolver_AI.git

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