I am trying to install alfresco 3.4 into an already existent jboss instance but the documentation I have followed appears to be incorrect. First issue is the docs mention an extensions folder that does not exist in any of the Alfresco downloads that I have found. Second issue is in the documentation on how to configure the database for alfresco. It tells me to run a script that is located inside "extra/databases/mysql", again in this case the extra dir does not exist in my dist of alfresco. I have been google-ing but many of the other howtos I see are even more impossible to follow.

link to docs I have been trying to follow

  • What version of Alfresco are you trying to install, Community or Enterprise? That doc is for enterprise which is slightly different to community. – Gagravarr Jun 28 '11 at 17:19
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First: If you have an Enterprise version, then you can just download the *.EAR file from the network Downloads. Run the following lines in a MySql window:

create database alfresco default character set utf8 collate utf8_bin;
grant all on alfresco.* to 'alfresco'@'localhost' identified by 'alfresco' with grant option;
grant all on alfresco.* to 'alfresco'@'localhost.localdomain' identified by 'alfresco' with grant option;

(it's the same as that should be in the extras/databases.. location)

It should contain an extension folder. And you don't need an extension folder to start Alfresco.........

Second: You have community edition.......

Just look at this wiki page: WIKI

Don't forget to put the mysql jdbc jar in the server default lib folder.

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