I have a problem with vuetify. it's not generating a "img" tag, instead it's generating a "div" tag with "background-image" set to the image path.

      v-if="index === 0"
      :src="image.thumbnail_images.large || '/images/icons/no_picture.jpg'"
      :width="isPWA ? '' : $vuetify.breakpoint.lgOnly ? 250 : 280"

this is what i have in my component

<div class="v-image__image v-image__image--cover" style="background-image: url(&quot;https://cdn.3click.com/UploadedFiles/1019.jpg&quot;); background-position: center center;"></div>

and this is what's generating

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    v-img actually works with background-image css property, it doesn't have the option to generate img tag as far as I know Dec 3 '20 at 8:27
  • @hamidniakan what component should i use instead? Dec 3 '20 at 8:30

According to this line in source code vuetify uses the image as background:

        style: {
          backgroundImage: backgroundImage.join(', '),
          backgroundPosition: this.position,

if you want to use an image as element just use the html img tag.

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