I use phalcon and I'd like to write unit tests for a class. I'm new to unit tests. The purpose of the class is to generate a HTML for a step N of multistep process. Class has only few public method, the whole logic is stored in numerous private methods. The class has a lot of external dependencies, for example objects like: view, request, response, assets, additional custom classes instantiated in code and also direct access to different global variables.


  1. If I understand right, my class is single unit, I should not write any unit tests for all the private methods, but only for public methods. Basically, it is only one, which gives the resulting HTML

  2. I need to refactor the class, so all the external dependencies can be injected and mocked. How could I do this? Use phalcon's DI, to get from there all the external classes and services I use in my class?

  3. HTML generated by my class can contain different subforms, generated by other classes. So I have in some private methods things like $loginForm = new LoginForm(); How can I refactor this?

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