I was working on a script to download all photos in a private group. I made the script click the next photo arrow, as in the below image, in Facebook and realized at around a few hundred photos it crashes and has a huge memory footprint.

I thought there was a problem in my code but when investigating I realized the memory footprint increases by around 10k each time you view the next photo. Even without the script. I seem ever more nodes are being created and none deleted.

Graph showing increasing node and heap use

To reproduce: Just open a FB group's photos page or your photos. Open the Chrome Task Manager with Shift + ESC and start viewing the next photo. You will see the Memory footprint will be increasing constantly. Alternatively, you can record in the Performance tab.

Why this could be the case? It seems to be a bug to me and want to investigate a little more. I'm not that experienced with Chrome Dev Tools so would be nice if someone can point out how to see what is bloating the memory.

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