I want to create one csv file using C#.

I have some data which I want to write on multiple lines BUT within the same cell.

For example If I have following three sentences,

Sample sentence 1. This is second sample sentence. and this is third sentence.

I want to write all these three sentences within single cell of csv file but I want three of them on separate line.

My expected output is :

Sample sentence 1.
This is second sample sentence.
and this is third sentence.

Currently I am trying to achieve this by using \n character between two sentences but when I do it this way, all three sentences go on separate row.

Can anyone please tell me how to solve this problem?

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To quote Wikipedia:

Fields with embedded line breaks must be enclosed within double-quote characters.

Like e.g.:

1997,Ford,E350,"Go get one now
they are going fast"

You might be able to change which tokens your application uses to parse rows from the csv file, but according to the definition of the csv file format, lines in the file are used to represent rows in the resulting tabular data.

string input = "...";

var r = input.Split(new[] { '.' }, StringSplitOptions.RemoveEmptyEntries) // split by dot (have you any better approaches?)
             .Select(s => String.Format("\"{0}.\"", s.Trim())); // escape each with quotes

input = String.Join(Environment.NewLine, r); // break by line break

Always wrap your description in between "\" eg: CsvRow.Add("\"" + ID + " : " + description + "\"");

string filePath = @"d:\pandey.csv";
StringBuilder outString=new StringBuilder();
outString.Append("\""); //double quote 
outString.Append("Line 1, Hi I am line 1 of same cell\n");
outString.Append("Line 2 Hi I am line 2 of same cell\n");
outString.Append("Line 3 Hi I am line 3 of same cell\n");
outString.Append("Line 4 Hi I am line 4 of same cell");
outString.Append("\""); //double quote             
File.WriteAllText(filePath, outString.ToString());
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I know this is an old thread, but none of the above solutions completely worked for me.

I am working on an Event log tool where events have multiline description. I initially used comma as a delimiter and enclosed description in double quotes however it did not work.

I changed the delimited from comma to tab and now it works perfectly fine.

// Replace double quotes in description with empty character to avoid unexpected line breaks in CSV file
Description = Description.Replace("\"", "");

line = $"{Level}\t{Computer}\t{EvtDateTime}\t{EventID}\t{Source}\t{Provider}\t{Category}\t{User}\t\"{Description}\"";


The way I figured it out is by opening the CSV file in MS Excel, did the text to column using comma and saved it. Opened it in Notepad++ and found the comma's are now replaced with tabs.

I think it depends on what delimiter is used by default but I was not able to figure it out how to change it. Every search result I get points to Windows region settings but I do not see tab anywhere.

I am on windows 11 and using MS Excel for Microsoft 365.


CSV stands for "comma seperated values" which is just a description of a text-file. If you want to import into Excel and then only have the sentences in one line you should try:


instread of a simple /n


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