I am trying to run the Cloudera docker machine in Windows 10 but it dies before even logging a line, I try

docker run -m 8G --memory-reservation 3G --memory-swap 8G --hostname=quickstart.cloudera --privileged=true -t -i -v C:\\sw\\mi_docker_vol_1:/src --publish-all=true -p 8888 cloudera/quickstart /usr/bin/docker-quickstart

But it is not working, any ideas?

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The problem is that there is a compatibility issue between older docker images and WSL2, and you can not have WSL1 in Windows home, so you need to workaround this issue.

In order to solve it create a file .wslconfig in your user folder as follows:


And then copy this:

kernelCommandLine = vsyscall=emulate

Then restart the wsl2 kernel service in Windows services which is called LxssManager and you are ready to go.

docker container running on windows home


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