I am reading Lamport's Paxos Mode Simple, and I get confused with the meaning "value" here.

For example, Lamport says:

If a proposal with value v is chosen, then every higher-numbered proposal that is chosen has value v

I don't know what value v means here:

  1. Does it mean different value of a certain variable, such as variable x's value can be 1 or 42?
  2. Or is it something like one log entry in Raft, such as x=1 or y=42?

I think the first interpretion is right, and basic Paxos can't determine multiple values, it just Propose-Accept-Chosen, and the whole basic Paxos instance finishes its mission.

However, I am not for sure.


Your second interpretation is correct ("It's like one log entry in Raft").

You are also correct that Basic Paxos can't choose multiple values, it just chooses one, like a single log entry in Raft. To choose a series of values you need to chain multiple Basic Paxos instances together, like in Multi-Paxos or Raft.

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