How do i return this value into may main function? sorry i just started learning encapsulation in java.

public String toString() {
  System.out.format("%02d/", day);
  System.out.format("%02d/", month);
  System.out.format("%02d/", year);
  return toString;

Input: 1/1/1972

Output: toString cannot be resovled to a variable return toString;

Expected output: 01/01/1972


You are going to have to use the format() function that is defined in the String class.

for example

public String toString() {
 String date = String.format("%02d/", day);
 date += String.format("%02d/", month);
 date += String.format("%02d/", year);

 return date;

In your original function you were just outputting text to the console, and you did not define a variable to be returned.

Hopefully this solves your issue.

  • Or better public String toString() { return String.format("%02d/%02d/%02d", day, month, year); }
    – tgdavies
    Dec 7 '20 at 6:06

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