I want to be able to open a CLI program with arguments and take a users input. If i do it manually it looks like this

'/programfilepath' -i '/inputfile' -x asdf -o '/output path'

Because i need the user to be able to enter the input file i have it like this

import os
question1=input('What is the input file': )
os.system("'/programfilepath' -i question1 -x asdf -o '/output path'")

This is not working correctly after the user inputs the file and in terminal its giving me an output saying

sh1: 1: (string above with input file displayed correctly): not found

I know this is a formatting issue but im not sure of my exact issue thats causing issues.

  • use os.system(f"'/programfilepath' -i {question1} -x asdf -o '/output path'")
    – bigbounty
    Dec 7, 2020 at 20:27

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Don't use os.system for precisely this reason. Use the subprocess module instead.

import subprocess

question1 = input('What is the input file': )
subprocess.run(['/programfilepath', '-i', question1, '-x', 'asdf', '-o', '/output path'])

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