I need to modify both the max_standby_streaming_delay and max_standby_archive_delay parameters on my postgres database to allow for longer-running read queries. I'm trying to do this in AWS RDS but it won't allow me to, and keeps saying that those parameters are not modifiable:

 aws rds modify-db-parameter-group \                                                                                                 254 ↵
    --db-parameter-group-name myparametergroup \
    --parameters "ParameterName=max_standby_archive_delay,ParameterValue=-1,ApplyMethod=immediate"

An error occurred (InvalidParameterValue) when calling the ModifyDBParameterGroup operation: The parameter max_standby_archive_delay cannot be modified.

Any way to get around that?

  • I was about to ask this same question :) Are you running long queries on your read replica? :) – Alex Kovshovik Feb 17 at 17:00

You can't modify default parameter groups. Click "Create parameter group", select the Postgres server version - this will copy all values from default param group.

Modify the values in the copied group, then modify your DB instance - set this new parameter group.

In my case this only took 5 min to modify my read replica instance.

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