I am new to the types of SQL joins and have a very basic issue.

I have two tables:

The Users table

id City
1 San Francisco
2 Moscow
3 London
4 Washington

The cities table

city country
Moscow Russia
San Francisco USA
Washington USA
London England

I am selecting the id from the users table and matching it up with its respective country in the cities table. I want to produce the below table using an SQL select statement:

id country
2 Russia
3 England

So far I have written the following, but I have no idea where to continue from there (or if this is even a correct start) as SQL joins confuse me slightly.

SELECT users.city, cities.city FROM users INNER JOIN cities ON
  • Although there's a problem with storing the city name in the users table: What about places that share the same city name? For example, London, Kentucky vs. London, England.
    – Zack
    Dec 9 '20 at 16:15
  • The spelling of "San Francisco" was inconsistent in the orginal version. Was that the actual error (caused by a typo)? If not, how would it affect the result? Could an error-tolerant SQL query be written? Jul 19 at 9:51

That's a simple join:

select u.*, c.country
from users u
inner join cities c on c.city = u.city

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