I would like to prevent ESS from changing my window configuration but when ESS tracebug is active, entering debugging changes the window configuration.

Suppose three windows in the emacs frame: (1) an R file that defines a function; (2) an R script that calls the function defined in (1); (3): the inferior R ess process. If from (2) I send code to the R interpreter, by default (2) gets replaced by (1) (showing the line to be evaluated, etc). The window showing (3) is left where it originally was; so we actually have the buffer that was in (1) shown twice (at 2 and at 1).

This happens to me under this configuration (starting emacs as emacs -Q)

(use-package ess)

I have an additional configuration (all in the spirit of "do not disrupt my window configuration: I'll tell you in what window to start by issuing M-x R there"):

(setq display-buffer-alist
      '(("*R" . (display-buffer-same-window)))

With this configuration, under debug, window (2) now displays the R session (i.e., the inferior R buffer is shown at the original window location 3, and now at 2 also).

The screenshots below show this issue. The first screenshot with the three windows as described (1, 2, 3, from top to bottom).

Three windows, before debugging

The second screenshot (using the configuration of display-buffer-same-window) immediately after evaluating the function into R (C-c C-f), and then, from (2), evaluating the line (C-c C-n).

Window configuration changed after debugging started

If I disable tracebug, M-x ess-tracebug, no window changes take place, but I do not want to disable following the execution on the window (window 1) that has the code. I would like to use tracebug but avoid any change to my window configuration: just show (1) with the debugging stuff, but leave (2) alone. How can I do that?

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No answer, but I concur, I find it infuriating that ess changes the window configuration in an haphazard way, even duplicating buffers in another frame.


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