Anyone know the future of Azure Blueprints? Is Microsoft embracing Terraform as a replacement? I don't mind ARM templates just trying to get a sense of the future for managing infrastructure.

I currently use ARM and Blueprints to manage our Azure subscriptions and infrastructure but I have been seeing a lot of posts around Terraform in relation to Microsoft and Azure.

I have also looked into other tools such as Bicep and Pulumi but right now I more interest in what the planned future for Blueprints is.


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Future or roadmap of Azure Blueprints:

Most of the Blueprint resourcing is going towards Template Specs (video overview) and Deployment Stacks, which is what Blueprints are eventually going to use under the covers. For authoring improvements, focus is bicep. The GA (General Availability) ETA is set for March/April when the new underlying resource types (template specs and deployment stacks) are ready and we can migrate everything over.

More info in this talk:

Most of the Blueprint UserVoice asks are either already implemented in Templates/Template Specs, or they are something we will address with above mentioned future improvements to templates/bicep and stacks.

Lastly, even though the Blueprint service is listed as “Preview”, we treat the service as GA, which means even once a migration path is made available, we will continue to support the current Blueprint APIs for 1-3 years or until everyone has been migrated.

Source of above information: https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/answers/questions/177308/index.html

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    If this is true (after 2 years from this post) why is Blueprints the only mechanism for assigning deny permissions to Resource Groups? May 10, 2022 at 13:55

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