I cannot get tinytex to install via RStudio. I am running RStudio 1.1.463 on MacOS X 10_11_6 (El Capitan).

I have installed the tinytex package. I am trying:


I receive the error message:

ls: /Users/(myname)/Library/TinyTex/bin/x86_64-darwinlegacy: No such file or directory

I have tried simply searching the error on Google, but I don't really understand anything that comes up in the results (which start talking about something called sudo and different things with terminal) to know whether its relevant to my issue.


I have encountered the same issue and made a post on RStudio community including this post as well as my solution to the problem so far (linked below).

To summarize my solution:

  • Make hidden folders visible on Mac
  • Locate /Users/(myname)/Library/TinyTex/bin/
  • Rename universal-darwin folder to x86_64-darwinlegacy
  • Run tinytex installation


I'd like to see a more elegant (and explainable) solution to this!

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