I am writing an slack app for reading the messages from private channel and writing to database. I use method conversation.history for this purpose. My approach is

  • Call the Slack api with parameters limit=100,channelId ,bot token and store the messages in database along with the timestamp ts for message
  • Fetch next 100 by calling method with prams as limit=100,channelid,bot token,oldest= ts (timestamp of oldest record inserted in database By the API documentation it says latest is default to value now .

In this case I should get next 100 records but I am getting nothing .

And I don't know how usually convert a date time like 12 Dec 2020 5:40:00 (12/03/2020) to timestamp like 1607017252.113300

I am using C# language for doing this whole work.


You should be passing the oldest timestamp as the latest parameter in the next API call. (The Slack API would benefit from renaming "latest" to "newest".)

First call:


Second call:

  • Thank You Very much that works. – Veera Dec 17 '20 at 22:05

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