I'm trying to make a form where I'm storing values outside of the context. Storing is done and working well but now I would like the update method to fill the form on rendering process. So I'm overriding update method of the Form class that way:

def update(self):
    form = self.request.form
    if not form:
        #We are on a rendering process
        provider = self.getProvider()
        settings = provider.get()
        #TODO: update widget values !?

settings is a dict where keys are equals to Interface fields's names.

So I have tried many ways to update widgets values:

  • Using dataconverter (too much complex and don't know if this is the only way
  • Updating the self.request.form dict and call again the update method
  • playing with field objects

What is the good way to achieve this ? (supporting all kind of field ?)

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Don't do ignoreContext. Override getContent() to return a dict instead. The dict will be used as a pseudo context.

  • Thank you @optilude for your answer. Wrong key words used while searching for this.
    – toutpt
    Commented Jun 30, 2011 at 7:49

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