I've created an RDS Aurora Serverless cluster with a maximum ACU of 1 and have noticed a high number of Volume Write IOPS, despite not creating a database or ever connecting to the cluster:

High Volume Write IOPS

I've looked through the general_log and noticed this statement, which is executed approximately every 2 seconds:

INSERT INTO mysql.rds_heartbeat2(id, value) values (1,1607638395773) ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE value = 1607638395773 ;

This would explain some of the Write IOPS but nothing close to the 550 per minute that the graph is showing.

Can someone explain where these IOPS are coming from?

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The VolumeWriteIOPs and VolumeReadIOPs are pretty misleading due to their name. Ps does not stand for "per second". The metric is the sum of IO operations in a five-minute interval. You can calculate the per-second value by dividing it by 300. That leads to around 2 IO per second in your case.

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