say i created a variable in a functional component like so:

const [quizName, setQuizName] = useState("");

How could I change this value based on what a user enters into an input. My idea was this:


But it does not know what value is, how can i get the value into my quizName variable?


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the simplest way is to have a function in onChange of input like:

<input value={quizName} onChange={(e)=>setQuizName(e.target.value)} />

Its okay!, But Please for the sake of GOD please stop doing this!

Here is the reason:

you are creating a function on every change of input and running it! this is not ok of performance vise! especially if you do it in a large scale app every where in your components!

what you need to do is just use useCallback like below:

const [quizName, setQuizName] = useState("");

const handleInputChange = useCallback((e) => {
}, [setQuizName])

return (
   <input value={quizName} onChange={handleInputChange} />

here is a description of useCallback in react documentations:



When you call the function like this, it will get executed without waiting you to change it.

onChange={(e) => setQuizName(e.target.value)}

is the correct way to do it

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