I am making a authentication web app , and trying to insert data in database and commiting it too but still doesn't work . I am using flask-sqlite,It says success but when I go my /list endpoint it is blank and even does't print's anything in console . Here's the full code

from flask import Flask, render_template, request, url_for
import sqlite3  

app = Flask(__name__)
con = sqlite3.connect("details.db")  
print("Database opened successfully")  
con.execute("create table if not exists Users (id INTEGER PRIMARY KEY AUTOINCREMENT, email TEXT UNIQUE NOT NULL, password TEXT NOT NULL)")  
print("Table created successfully")  

@app.route('/signup', methods=['GET', 'POST'])
def signup():
    msg = "" 
    if request.method == "POST":  
            email = request.form["email"]  
            password = request.form["password"]  
            print(name, email)
            with sqlite3.connect("details.db") as con:  
                cur = con.cursor()  
                cur.execute("INSERT into Users (email, password) values (%s, %s)",(email, password))  
                msg = "User successfully Added"  
        except Exception as err:  
            msg = "Sorry We Can't Signup You"  
            return render_template("res.html",msg = msg)  

def signupTemplate():
    return render_template('index.html')

def list_users():
    con = sqlite3.connect("details.db")
    con.row_factory = sqlite3.Row

    cur = con.cursor()
    cur.execute("select * from Users")

    row = cur.fetchall()

    email = ""
    password = ""
    for rows in row:
        email = rows["email"]
        password = rows["password"]

    return render_template("list.html", email=email,password=password)

  • 1
    What error you are getting if any? Dec 13 '20 at 6:24
  • friend I am not getting any error, may I show you full code snippet , of all files?
    – dope dev
    Dec 13 '20 at 6:28
  • 1
    if you are on github and there are no sensitive data, share it over there, and share the link, we get to see everything in a better perspective without cluttering in here. If however it is in a single file, then share the whole code above Dec 13 '20 at 6:30
  • 1
    Using f-strings to set values for insert statements is unsafe - use parameter substitution instead. Dec 13 '20 at 6:43
  • do you want html files also ?
    – dope dev
    Dec 13 '20 at 6:56

change this two lines.

cur.execute(f"INSERT into Users (email, password) values ('{email}', '{password}')")  

you can use format string in your query and connection.commit() not cursor.

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