I want to have a confirmation dialog (not plain javascript) show when the user clicks a button, but I'd rather have it embeded instead of referencing another page.

How do I embed a dialog for use on a jQuery Mobile page?


You have 2 options really - if you want it to popup and fill the page, you can create a JQM dialog page (even dynamicaly), and switch to it. JQM dialogs are explained more in detail here:


It is quite possible to append a new dialog to the same page (simple append it to the container above the one with data-role="page") and switch to it with $.changePage(...)

Another option, if you want it to popup "over" the existing content (modal mode from UI dialog), this plugin will do that:


Full disclosure: I wrote the second one, so I am biased. However, it does employ a bit of option 1 above, and you are of course welcome to rip the code apart to see how it works if you'd rather roll your own.


Another option is to use the builtin popup interface, added in the last major version (1.2.0 I think). It can be found here, and is included in the default:


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