double num1 = 0.0000012345.toStringAsPrecision(15); double num2 = 0.0000012345.toStringAsFixed(15);

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First is first, you can't store a String object into a double variable, these two functions will return you a String object.

You should check on dart documentation, there you'll able to find out the answers for your question.


Converts this to a double and returns a string representation with exactly precision significant digits. The parameter precision must be an integer satisfying: 1 <= precision <= 21.


Converts this to a double before computing the string representation.

If the absolute value of this is greater or equal to 10^21 then this methods returns an exponential representation computed by this.toStringAsExponential(). Otherwise the result is the closest string representation with exactly fractionDigits digits after the decimal point. If fractionDigits equals 0 then the decimal point is omitted.

The parameter fractionDigits must be an integer satisfying: 0 <= fractionDigits <= 20.

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