If I have a string like "2020-12-15T12:10:00.202" how can I parse this into NodaTime.LocalDateTime directly, rather than doing something like:


And similarly for the other NodaTime types like LocalDate, Instant etc.

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You use a LocalDateTimePattern. For example:

// Note: patterns are thread-safe and immutable. Various patterns are provided as
// static properties on the relevant pattern class. If you can't use one of those
// patterns, it's often useful to store the pattern in a static readonly field.
var pattern = LocalDateTimePattern.CreateWithInvariantCulture("yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ss.fff");

// There's no Parse/TryParse separation - there's just Parse, which returns a
// ParseResult<T> that indicates success/failure.
ParseResult<LocalDateTime> parsed = pattern.Parse("2020-12-15T12:10:00.202");

// Note: if you're okay with invalid input causing an exception, just use
// parsed.Value directly - it will throw a descriptive exception if parsing failed.
if (parsed.Success)
    LocalDateTime result = parsed.Value;
    // Use the result here
    // Handle the failure

For more details about text handling, see the section in the user guide.

Note that there's no direct equivalent of DateTime.Parse itself, that tries multiple different date/time formats automatically - but you can use a CompositePatternBuilder<T> to try multiple patterns when parsing if you want.

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