I have gone through all of the other posts on here that I can find regarding this warning, but I cannot seem to correct it. Warning is PHP Warning: in_array() expects parameter 2 to be array, string given in....

The code:

$my_teachers = $student->my_teachers;
if (in_array($teacher_email, $my_teachers)) {

I understand that $my_teachers needs to be an array, but it is as far as I can tell. The value is created by creating an array, pushing the teacher's emails into the array, and saving it to MySQL. The MySQL database row shows as


Is this actually storing as a String and I'm not realizing it? Either way, how do I get rid of the warning? The code still gives me the intended results, but the warning is filling up my error_log.

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    Seems it's a serialize() string. Use unserialize($string) to transform back into array. – Felippe Duarte Dec 16 '20 at 15:33
  • Usually the frameworks have an built-in way to transform back to array/object. You may need to look at your project (wordpress or plugin) to see if there is a better way. – Felippe Duarte Dec 16 '20 at 15:34

Maybe you could add an extra check, like:

$my_teachers = gettype($student->my_teachers) === 'array' ? $student->my_teachers : unserialize($student->my_teachers);

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