In my jhipster monolithic application, I put a . XLS file in content/help_docs path.

Also, add this config into webpack.common:

{ from: './src/main/webapp/content/help_docs', to: 'content/help_docs/', toType:'dir' }

Then, I put a link into my component for download like below:

<a target="_self" href="/content/help_docs/sample.xlsx"  class="form-inline col-sm-7"

in development mode, it works fine. But in production mode, I face the "not found" error. The path is what tries to download xms file.

While the path must be like with war file name in url.

Is there any suggestion to cope with this issue?

  • I checked the war file using unzip software. Also, when I correct the address manually(add war file name into URL) it works fine and downloads the xls file that I conclude the file exists on the server. – Hossein Jafari Dec 21 '20 at 11:08

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