I am developing a static site generator which now has significant functionality, but which still needs the ability to mutate pages using an expression language. I could invent a new expression language myself, parse it, and mutate the pages, but obviously that's no small undertaking.

I've used Thymeleaf for server-side templating in Spring Boot, and it is pretty elegant from a user standpoint. But in looking at the Thymeleaf TemplateEngine it seems that it only works on the HTML source code as one long text string.

My static site generator content comes from various sources (e.g. Markdown) and ends up in memory as an HTML DOM tree instance. I would need to evaluate template expressions in-memory and mutate the DOM. I would rather not transform the entire DOM back to a string; run a template engine, and then parse the result back in to a DOM instance for final processing.

If I already have a DOM instance in memory, and if I were to identify appropriate attributes containing expressions, does Thymeleaf provide a means for me to pass the DOM to Thymeleaf with the expression to evaluate and a reference node, and have Thymeleaf evaluate the expression and mutate the DOM accordingly? I'm thinking something like templateEngine.process(templateContext, referenceNode, expression).

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